Cruise and Stay Holidays

Cruise and Stay Holidays

cruise and stay holidayCruise and stay holidays are popular for those who like to spend a little time on land either after or before their cruise. Many cruise operators offer cruise and stay holidays such as Virgin holidays, Thomson and P&O. Flexibility is important as more holidaymakers want to combine their trip visiting different destinations and taking part in a variety of activities. For example, you may wish to shop in Orlando and then relax cruising in the Bahamas. A four night stay in Barbados can be combined with a Carnival cruise where you get to see more of the region like St Lucia and San Juan.

Cruise and Stay Locations

There is a wide variety of locations to choose from as cruise and stay holidays become popular across the world. The main region for cruises across the world is Alaska in North America and the Caribbean in South America. Transatlantic cruises sail across the Atlantic sea. In Europe the Baltic, Mediterranean and the Canaries are popular cruise destinations. Finally, a Dubai cruise takes place in the Middle East whilst Far East cruises are available in Asia. These can all be combined with a hotel stay. For example, why not stay at a hotel in Cairo or Luxor for a few days before embarking on a romantic trip down the Nile, or shop in New York before taking a picturesque cruise up the East coast of North America? The most commonly sold cruise and stay holidays in the UK market are 7 night Mediterranean cruises combined with a 7 night stay in Mallorca. Most people choose to cruise first and stay after, though both way rounds are possible.

Types of Cruise and Stay Holidays

Often cruise and stay holidays will last for 14 days. You may stay 6-7 nights at a hotel, (which is usually of four or five star standard) and then embark on a cruise for another 7 days. On board gratuities are often included. If you are flying to your destination then return flights are also often included in the package price as well as all necessary transfers between airport, hotel and port. 14 nights tend to stretch from £1000-1500 depending on the time of year. To find a great value cruise that is cheaper, try opting for 9-12 nights instead of 14 and look for a cruise in a region that is near you to save on flight prices.

How do I know Cruising is for me?

Cruise holidays are becoming more and more popular with 1.2 million UK holidaymakers cruising last year and another 1.5 million expected to cruise next year. This is because cruising is diversifying and increasingly has something to offer for everyone. Most people have thrown out the notion that cruises are only for the very rich and wealthy and have embraced the cruise options available to them. Furthermore, there are a variety of different ships to choose from so that cruise holidays can be even be about going on holiday with the family and are not just about retirees any longer. For example, more than 2 million teenagers and children take a cruise trip worldwide every year. Parents like the idea of their children being taken care of by professionals on a cruise ship as a safe and child friendly environment. Everyone goes back to the same room in the evenings and costs are kept down because they are all inclusive. What’s more you only need to pack and unpack once but you can experience new destinations on an almost daily basis.

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