Celebrity Cruises Rock!

Celebrity Cruises Rock!

celebrity cruises logoEveryone has probably had that never ending dream of one day going off on a long cruise to get away from it all. In fact, this used to be right out of reach for most of us, but these days, and thanks to some wonderful shipping lines, that dream is now a reality. In fact, Celebrity Cruises carry people to some staggering destinations so it is really down to personal choice what destination is the best one.

For example, most of us love the sun so a trip to somewhere hot is just the job. For something extremely exotic, this destination could be somewhere like Asia or even Australia. Imagine sailing into Sydney harbour and seeing the iconic Opera House and the Sydney Bridge?

For something a little more unusual, why not try a trip to the Galapagos Islands to see the amazing wildlife there. If anyone saw the movie with Russell Crowe, Master & Commander, this place featured heavily in it so it has stirred up interest of late.

The Pacific coastline is also another popular choice along with the Panama Canal, and some of these place names evoke stirred memories of news flashes years ago.

The ships themselves can only be described as modern, sophisticated and chic. They are usually considered to the finest ships afloat and everyone who experiences these trips will enjoy the wonderful experience onboard. Not only is the fleet spacious and comfortable, services on board are made to keep the guest happy in luxurious surroundings with accommodation which is first class.

The Century Class ships are smaller than the others which allow the crew to give a much more intimate service. All have AquaSpa, a Michael’s Club and a Martini Bar too.

The Celebrity Century came online in 1995 but has been refurbished since then. This ship is servicing the Caribbean and European itineraries. From this year though, she will also take in the Hawaii and Australian itineraries.

The Millennium Class ships look absolutely stupendous and are exquisitely designed. The atrium actually spans eleven decks so one can imagine how large this area is. The glass and teak accents just adds to the ambience which is opulent to say the least. On board there are also luxurious spas which must be the best ones available anywhere.

The Celebrity Constellation plies the Caribbean; European and Panama Canal areas while the Celebrity Infinity also takes in the Alaska and South America routes.

It is probably the Expedition Class which has got everyone excited since, as the name would suggest, it is this class of ship which has been brought in to ply the Galapagos Islands as mentioned earlier. This luxurious vessel is set to visit one of the most untouched regions in the world. Only 92 guests on this vessel means that they get first class, luxury service while the environmentally sound design of the ship means that the delicate eco system in this area is not damaged.

For those who are interested in anything wild and free, this trip must be a trip of a lifetime.

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