Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises LogoCosta Cruises is among the largest European cruise operators, and as one would expect from a company like this, they can offer some of the largest and most diverse itineraries in the business. All the Costa fleet is made to keep the guests comfortable and combines modern furnishings and great entertainment to keep the client coming back for more. All the ships are decked out in elegant style and look absolutely beautiful to say the least.

Each ship has its own inimitable style with some being larger than others. The larger ships are absolutely spectacular and offer up lots more fun, while the smaller ships are able to provide a far more intimate ambience for those who do not like crowds.

Whatever destination is chosen, and there are many to choose from for sure, what the guest will see is beautiful scenery that glides by on a daily basis. There is certainly some stunning scenery to behold and breath taking views too but the one thing that most people get out of a trip like this is relaxation.

The Costa Fascinosa is perhaps the most attractive ship in the fleet and it is said that visitors aboard will be surrounded by famous cinema legends. These ships have been used in many movies so just enjoy the atmosphere on board.

The atrium on board this ship soars high above the deck and looks wonderful to those who have never been in the presence of opulence like this. There are diamond shaped decorations in this huge space and lots of top flight entertainment in both the day and night time shows.

Another ship in the fleet is the Costa Deliziosa. As the name would suggest, this ship is made to seduce and charm its guests with a sensory experience like no other. This ship has a 4D cinema which literally gets the action right in the faces of those who are watching a movie on board.

The Costa Pacifica is what excitement is all about. This is a happy and colorful ship inspired by music. Each of the different environments on board is represented by a well known symphony. The variety of styles is just breathtaking and it needs to be seen to be believed.

There are many different styles in all these ships. Some have European inspired design while others are grand and imposing. Indeed, one would have to visits all to see how each was inspired by individual themes.

The ambience on some is absolutely marvelous since some are inspired by great countries, like Italy. Walls are lined with artwork from the particular country it represents and guests takes away an impression of the country from one of these wonderful cruises.

Clients are offered trips through Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Pacific and Africa amongst others. There is enough variety here to keep people coming back year after year which they do with understandable regularity. Some trips also allow for a stop over in luxury hotels from which they fly home afterwards. What a great holiday experience!

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