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Fred.Olsen Cruise Line LogoMost people are familiar with the Fred Olsen cruise line. The company can trace its beginnings back to 1848, to a Petter Olsen who founded it as a shipping company.

Nowadays it is known primarily for offering cruises that take their guests all over the world. If you are considering going on a Fred Olsen cruise you can find out more by reading the rest of this page.

A brief history of Fred Olsen

As we mentioned above, the company had its beginnings more than 160 years ago. It is quite a feat that the company has not only continued to exist through so many changing times, but that it has also excelled itself and provided an outstanding service to its cruise passengers all through those times.

The company takes its name from creator Petter Olsen’s son Thomas Fredrik, who was called Fred for short. It is a nice memory and a great tribute to him. The company has been through hard times during those 160 years of course, not least as a result of the two World Wars. In the case of the First World War the company lost a little over half its fleet.

However it has bounced back from every challenge and continued to provide an outstanding service into the 21st century.

What kind of style and ambience can you look forward to?

Fred Olsen cruises appeal to lots of different people. While their cruises are enormously popular and very appealing, they are more accessible than the most luxurious cruise lines around today. However you should not take this to mean their cruises are less than perfect. They have styled their cruises to be appealing and accessible to lots of people, while still providing an outstanding service in all respects. Many people stick with Fred Olsen cruises once they have tried one, and since they offer short cruises as well as much longer ones, it is easy to get a taste of what to expect.

Destinations visited

Wherever you want to go in the world you can be sure you can find a suitable cruise with Fred Olsen. You can try European cruises visiting ports in countries such as Denmark, Finland, Greece and Spain, to cruises in the Amazon heading to Brazil. There are other opportunities to visit the Caribbean, the Baltic, the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean as well. Indeed it would be easier to mention the places that Fred Olsen cruises don’t head for.

The Fred Olsen Fleet

The fleet of ships operated by Fred Olsen reaches four in number – the Balmoral, the Black Watch, the Boudicca and the Braemar. Let’s explore them all in a little more detail below.


Fred Olsen Balmoral

  • Tonnage – 43,537
  • Passenger capacity – 1,350
  • Number of different accommodation options – 15

There are lots of variations in the accommodation available on the Balmoral. For example there are superior outside and inside cabins, as well as a superior suite and balcony cabin if you desire. It is a good idea to read through all the accommodation options so you can find something that is appealing and within your budget.

There are three restaurants on board the Balmoral, with the addition of the Marquee Bar and the Palms Cafe as well. Needless to say you also have lots of entertainment to look forward to, from a casino to an observatory lounge.

Black Watch


  • Tonnage – 28,613
  • Passenger capacity – 804
  • Number of different accommodation options – 14

The accommodation options on the Black Watch are similar in nature to the previous two cruise ships. There are six options if you want to book a suite, from the Premier Suite to the Junior Suite.

There are four eating options on board the Black Watch, including the Glentanar restaurant and the Braemar Garden Cafe. There are also plenty of opportunities to wind down, including playing a game of cards in the card room and indulging in the fitness centre.



  • Tonnage – 24,344
  • Passenger capacity – 929
  • Number of different accommodation options – 14

Once again you have similar choices in staterooms as you get on the other ships. However there are some differences – there are far fewer suites available on the Braemar, so make sure you know what accommodation you want and book it as quickly as possible.

Dining aboard the Braemar offers you three opportunities to eat – in the Thistle restaurant and the Grampian restaurant to name but two. Entertainment is on offer in the Neptune Lounge, the Marquee Pool Bar and the Coral Club to name just three locations on board.



  • Tonnage – 28,388
  • Passenger capacity – 880
  • Number of different accommodation options – 14

There are plenty of accommodation options to choose from, with examples including a superior outside cabin for a disabled person to a superior single balcony cabin. As you can see, this ship caters for many different users.

You can enjoy a range of dining options too, from the Four Seasons Restaurant to the Heligan Room. You can also explore the Secret Garden Cafe and the Galley.

There is plenty to do on board as well, from dipping into the Jacuzzi to trying your hand at different activities in the arts and crafts room. A fitness centre will ensure you don’t put on too much weight by eating all the tempting food on board!

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